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Enemy Decks

The board game has 17 monster decks. One of each mono color (5). Each dual color (10). And 2 dragon decks.
The decks are inspired by the decks in the video game.
But they need to be worse because the AI is good in the board game (you're playing against a friend)
Any player that isn't busy will use the monster deck against you.
These decks were designed to use classic cards, and have a funny win con, where everyone knows what the deck is trying to do.
Each deck is exactly 40 cards.

To determine which deck you face, roll a 6 sided die:
You will face a deck of the color of the terrain you're traveling to. If you roll 6 it's that mono color. Otherwise it's the 2 color deck with the 2nd color as 1=white 2=blue 3=black 4=red 5=green.

Red Deck: Goblin Lord

Win Con 1: Lots of goblins
Removal: None
Red Deck: Goblin Lord

Green Deck: Enchantress

Win Con 1: Rabit Wombat with enchantments
Win Con 2: Living Lands + lots of forests
Removal: Lure + Venom
Green Deck: Enchantress

Blue deck: Thought Invoker

Win Con 1: Psychic Venom + Icy
Win Con 2: Leviathin
Removal: Boomerang + Power Sink
Blue Deck: Thought Invoker

Black deck: Witch

Win Con 1: Disk + Regenerate
Win Con 2: Pestilence + Simulacrum
Removal: Disk, Pestilence
Black Deck: Witch

White Deck: Priestess

Win Con 1: Wall of Swords + Animate Wall
Win Con 2: Kithkin + Blessing
Removal: Disenchant
White Deck: Priestess

Red/Green Deck: Forest Dragon

Win Con 1: Ramp into Craw Wurm
Win Con 2: Stream of Life then Hurricane
Removal: Hurricane, Scavenger Folk, Ali Baba.
Red Green Deck: Forest Dragon

Red/Blue Deck: Elementalist

Win Con 1: Elementals
Removal: Siren's Call
Red Blue Deck: Elementalist

Red/Black Deck: Sedge Beast

Win Con 1: Sedge Troll
Win Con 2: Dingus Egg
Win Con 3: Murk Dwellers + Word of Binding
Removal: Spirit Shackle + Word of Binding
Red Black Deck: Sedge Beast

Red/White Deck: Weaponsmith

Win Con 1: Orcish Artillery + Samite Healer
Win Con 2: Coral Helm + Archeologist
Removal: Orcish Artillery
Red White Deck: Weaponsmith

Green/Blue Deck: Fungus Master

Win Con 1: Fungusaur + Prodigal
Win Con 2: Prodigal + Instill Energy
Removal: Pinging
Green Blue Deck: Fungus Master

Green/Black Deck: Centaur Shaman

Win Con 1: Upkeep Damage
Removal: None
Edit: replaced Dancing Scimitar and Paralyze with Fog. They were too good.
Green Black Deck: Centaur Shaman

Green/White Deck: Tusk Guardian

Win Con 1: Ghazban aggro
Win Con 2: Elephant Regenerate
Removal: Divine Offering
Edit: Replaced Savanah Lions with Battering Ram. Was too good at aggro. Replaced Disenchant with Divine Offering.
Green White Deck: Tusk Guardian

Blue/Black Deck: Mind Stealer

Win Con 1: Old Man
Win Con 2: Wretched
Removal: Transmogrant + Steal Artifact, Weakness, Old Man.
Strategy: Gaseous Form their creatures so they can't damage you. Attack with The Wretched so you get their creature even if damage is prevented. Transmogrant their best creature so you can steal it with Steal Artifact, as it turns into an artifact.
Blue Black Deck: Mind Stealer

Blue/White Deck: Winged Stallion

Win Con 1: Angry Mob + Magical Hack
Win Con 2: Islandhome + Phantasmal Terrain
Removal: War Barge + Merfolk Assassin
Blue White Deck: Winged Stallion

Black/White Deck: Nether Fiend

Win Con 1: Animate Dead + Big Creatures
Removal: Nettling Imp into Wurm
Black White Deck: Nether Fiend

Dragon Deck: Prismat

Win Con 1: Atog
Win Con 2: Black Vise + Winter Orb
Red Blue Dragon Deck: Prismat

Dragon Deck: Mandurang

Win Con 1: Pump Small Creatures
Blue Black Dragon Deck: Mandurang
All decks are on