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To help a dungeon master play improvised D&D.

This is to help a Dungeon Master (DM) quickly come up with ideas while you're playing and they can't think of anything in the moment. In improvised D&D, the DM is making up the story as you go along. There's also nothing written down, no health points, or strength points, etc.

How to play improvised DnD:

How spells work.

A spell is a potion, a small glass vial of liquid. You can quickly drink it to cause the effect on yourself. Or you can throw it at someone, and it will break open and cause the effect on that person (because their skin still absorbs it or they inhale the vapors or whatever). After you use a spell, it's gone, you can't keep using it. When playing in person, when someone acquires a spell, pour them a shot, and they should drink it in real life when they want to use the spell. The dungeon master will tell you when your spell is wearing off. But remember, you can't ask the dungeon master "how long will this spell last?" because the dungeon master will only tell you what you currently see/feel/hear/smell/taste. Generally it will only last a few minutes and slowly wear off. The dungeon master may have you roll to see how strong it is.

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You will encounter characters, sometimes you will fight them, or trade with them, or they will help you. Characters can almost always talk even if they are animals.

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